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My Gluten Free Guide to Tenerife

So I went to Tenerife at the beginning of October on my holidays and naturally I was worried about what I was going to eat there.
We went all inclusive which I was really nervous about. I contacted the hotel before we booked it to see if they did any gluten free options and they said they can do gluten free pasta and bread. It was enough for me as I knew that we would eat out as well and the drinks would be all inclusive. The hotel wasn't the best, I wouldn't really recommend it to people with allergies. However, on the buffet which was help your self at set times they did have labels with allergens on, so I did get a bit more into it towards the end of the holiday when I familiarised myself with everything. If you guys do want to check the hotel out, it was Compostela Beach and Golf Apartments.

I firstly highly recommend Tenerife as a holiday. It's gorgeous, it has loads to do and is perfect for everyone! We stayed in the Playa De Las Americas area and I personally think this is great for couples/family holidays. There is loads to do for kids as well as adults.
One thing I will also say is that Siam Park is a must if you go. It is honestly the best water park ever.

So like my other Gluten Free Guide's I decided to write one up for you guys on my trip to Tenerife:

1. Siam Park

I read up on what to eat at Siam Park and saw something about the beach cafe so decided to try there. As soon as I mentioned to the server that I was gluten free he told me exactly what I could have and was really helpful.

I decided to go for the roast chicken and chips that they had. He went and got a chicken that had been cooked separately to the chickens that you could see roasting. The fries were gluten free so I just went and helped myself to them.
Naughty but they do say you cannot bring food in with you.. but us Coeliac's know a way around this. I just wrapped some crisps I had brought prior in our towels in my beach bag and brought them in with me. You could easily bring some sandwiches etc as well if you wanted to!

2. Taste Sin Gluten - Av. La Habana, 11, 38650 Los Cristianos

I had to visit this Restaurant whilst I was staying in the area. It is a 100% gluten free restaurant! Just a tip with finding this: when I put it into my apple maps it really was not clear where the restaurant was, we couldn't find it. It will take you to the road but not to the restaurant. Further up the road there is a whole row of restaurants, it is above the restaurant called Habib, so just look out for that and you will see the Taste Sin Gluten sign 😊

The food was so amazing! And the view made it even better. It is right over the beach so you can watch the sunset if you go there for dinner. I had the Calamari and chips and my Boyfriend had steak which was also lovely! The staff were so attentive as well which made the whole experience. Highly recommend!

3. Mcdonalds

I mean you have to visit a Mcdonalds when you're abroad! Not going to lie I think I may have had one nearly every day... but oh well! Just down from Taste Sin Gluten is the beach and there is a Mcdonalds along there. I also went to one in Playa De Las Americas which is just on the strip of Veronicas.

Yumm! You have to go all out and make the most of it!

4. Hard Rock Cafe - Av. Las Americas, 38660 Playa De Las Americas

We love to visit Hard Rock Cafes if we can as we went to one in Barcelona last year and it was amazing. So we decided to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Tenerife as I knew the standards had to be the same with allergens. Naturally I was quite nervous ordering but the waitress was really helpful. 

I went for the American style burger and fries which was soooo good. It is a must if you are visiting Tenerife!

5. Mercadona Supermarkets

To my excitement we had a Mercadona right outside our hotel so I knew I would be fine for food worst case scenario. The Mercadona's are amazing, they are full of gluten free food. I took some pictures of my favourites:

I could list so much more but these were my favourites. I found some chocolate bars with cookies in (I know), something similar to Smarties which are amazing and also an alternative to Maltesers! All sooo tasty! I also found Mercadona incredibly cheap. The Beers above were only 2 euros 75! I also found some gluten free churros which I was so happy about but they were frozen unfortunately so I couldn't bring them home with me! 

6. HiperDino Supermarkets

Another brilliant Supermarket chain is the HiperDino Supermarkets. All the labels with the prices on are white, however if the products are 'Sin Gluten' they are black... I know, amazing! I wish it was like that in the UK, it would be much easier than reading through all the ingredients! Just look at the black label and stick it in your trolley! Below are some of my favourite things I found:

I ended up buying some Chorizo to have with my gluten free pasta at the hotel on some nights which was nice! The chicken nuggets I was sooo excited about when I found them but unfortunately we didn't have a oven in our apartment. The cheesy puffs I bought a few packets of whilst I was there, and brought a couple home with me they are amazing! They also had a couple of Schar breads as well in there.

So that is my Gluten Free Guide to Tenerife! Feel free to contact me on my social media if you would like any more tips! I hope this helps someone who was just as nervous as I was! 😊

Danielle x



  1. This is such a helpful and insightful article, thank you! We are going to Tenerife in December and I am so excited to see they have such great GF options, especially the beer! :)

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  5. Sorry, but I noticed you had MCDONALDS but surely it is not GLUTEN FREE, well were I live it's not.


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