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A Gluten Free Guide to Playa D'en Bossa Ibiza

Welcome to my Gluten Free Guide to Playa D'en Bossa, Ibiza! Going on a "party holiday" is quite nerve wracking I think when you are Coeliac so I have decided to write this guide to try help other Coeliac's out! I think I get quite nervous just because you're not sure what you will be able to eat when you're out there and especially with the language barrier. I would really recommend doing your research before so you are prepared!

I was really surprised that a lot of places I went to were really helpful. Don't get me wrong sometimes I was too nervous to eat the full meal however some places were really reassuring. I feel it's more the cross-contamination that I get worried about or people presuming that gluten isn't in certain foods like sausages, beans etc.

So here goes!

1. El Limonero Ibiza - Calle Argelagues 15, 07817  (behind Sankeys night club)

This is literally the perfect place if you are Coeliac to eat at. The owner is English and he was extremely helpful with my needs. He said that a girl who works for him is Coeliac also which was really reassuring! He came over and told me everything that I could have off the menu that was safe to eat and even could adapt some of his dishes. He said that he had gluten free pasta and that he could make me something, and that the meatballs were gluten free also. When we had ordered he came out with the binding agent that he uses for his sauces and showed me the ingredients which was lovely.

He then came out with some bread and dip for me which I didn't even ask for which was lovely!

The food was so tasty and exactly what I wanted. The only critical thing I would have to say is that it's quite expensive, so I would go for a treat. However it's exactly what you want when visiting a restaurant and especially in a foreign country is someone that is so helpful and reassuring.

2. Ibiza Rocks Diner - Carrer de Porreres, 07817

We ate here a few times during the time that we were in Ibiza as pretty much everything off the menu except from the bread was gluten free. They even do gluten free carrot cake! Staff again were really helpful and the food was very tasty!

The first time I ate there I had the loaded potato skins with cheese and bacon on which were so nice.

So cheesy which is what you want on a dish like this!

And then the second time was for breakfast and I had eggs, bacon, sausages and beans.

Literally the perfect breakfast for when you are hungover! 😆

And then finally the third time that we ate there I did go big with this meal! I had the skinny burger (no bun) with salad and then on the side I had the loaded potato skins again (couldn't resist having them again! 😆)

So I really would recommend this place! Reassuring and very tasty food!

3. Rona's Deli - Calle Porreres, 07817

This place is actually on the same street as the Ibiza Rocks Diner. I researched this place before and it said actually at the time it was the number one place to eat in Playa D'en Bossa!

It's a burger restaurant that do gluten free buns, they also do gluten free beer! The lady that worked there was so helpful and was really chatty which was nice!

The burger was presented really well. It was so meaty which is what you expect from a good burger! The bun was not dry which is a bonus and just tasted so good! I would really recommend this place for anyone that's visiting the area.

4. Burger King - Av. Pere Matutes Noguera, 116, 07800

I mean visiting a Burger King abroad is a must for a Coeliac. They do gluten free buns which are amazing! Unfortunatley the chips are not gluten free sadly. I had the cheese burger a couple of times which was absolutely divine!

Not incredibly expensive either with is great! If you struggle with finding it, it is just round the corner from Sankeys and opposite SWAG Ibiza.

5. Mumak - Calle Porreres, 1, 07817

This place is on the same street as Rona's and Ibiza rocks diner and it's right on the beach which is so pretty. This is another place that I had researched prior to visiting Ibiza and it was really nice. They did have a few gluten free options that one of the waitors listed out to me but I had heard before that the Pad Thai was gluten free so I decided to opt for that.

It was soo nice! I couldn't finish it all as I get really nervous eating out but once I knew I was fine after eating it I took some in a box with me. Tasted amazing and the chicken and prawns were really nice also. I have to say the lady that initially served us was not helpful at all but I spoke to another man which was really helpful.

6. Dausol Resataurante - Carrer de la Murtra 4, 07817

Spotted this place on the off chance as they had a sign outside stating that they had gluten free food so decided to check it out for breakfast. It is on the same road as Burger king and is just opposite Swag again which is a night club.

I wanted breakfast but they did say that they do gluten free pasta and pizza which is worth a try.

They do gluten free toast also but I didn't want to risk it. I just went for a minimal breakfast of just bacon, eggs and beans because again I get really nervous! The food ended up being really nice so I would really recommend if you fancy a quick bite to eat!

There is a Supermarket just up from the Restaurant which is just next to the La Sirena supermarket which sell the best gluten free sweets if you have not tried them yet!

Something that I really miss! Fair to say I brought a lot back with me! 😆 And if you follow my Instagram I did a competition with them as well!

Other spots:

If you are not staying in Playa D'en Bossa and you are staying in San Antonio, I have also been there before and it's really good for gluten free.

There is a Pizza Hut which do gluten free pizza's that are really nice. There is also several restaurants along the front where the large fountain is, one of them do really nice gluten free pizza but I cannot remember what it is called! There is also a place called Skinny Kitchen which have loads of gluten free options.

If you are visiting Ibiza town there is a Mcdonalds which is also really nice when you're going abroad to have!

So that is my gluten free guide to Ibiza! I hope it has helped you out if you are going! It's very nerve wracking but you just have to research and don't be afraid to ask places! If you would like recommendations on any other aspects of Ibiza like things to do, how much money to take etc just message me on Instagram or Twitter 😊

Have a great time!


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